As anyone who has been to the country can tell you, a visit to Italy can be a life-changing experience unlike any other. Whether you’re seeing the works of Leonardo da Vinci in person or experiencing firsthand the majesty of the Roman Colosseum, the wonders of Italy can be both truly immense and truly awe-inspiring.


But making your way through a foreign country full of ancient cities isn’t always easy; indeed, it goes without saying that planning out your trip to Italy ahead of time is an essential part of making your journey a successful one. Here are a few great ways to ensure that your Italian vacation goes off without a hitch!


Find Museums That Offer Online Reservations

In cities like Rome and Florence, waiting in line at popular museums can be a time-consuming affair to say the least. According to expert tour guide Rick Steves, visitors to Italy should check online to reserve places at good museums. In doing so, you’ll maximize your quality time in Italy and avoid frustrating waits at popular sites.


Make a Flexible Itinerary

As many people who have traveled to Italy will tell you, packing too many activities into one day can make for a stressful visit. Too often, a visit to a museum or historical site can require more time than we’ve allotted ourselves; this can lead to rushed visits or scrambles for taxis at the last minute.


To make your trip fun and stress-free, pick a few sites to see per day; if you have extra time at the end of your visit, set out for a bonus side-trip. But don’t pressure yourself to see everything all at once. There is always next time!


Create a Plan if People Get Separated

Being in a new city where you don’t understand the language is never an easy thing; getting separated from other people in your group can be confusing and even scary. Before your visit, come up with a plan on what to do if someone becomes separated from your group.


Pick a nearby landmark that everyone can get to easily and agree to meet there if someone gets lost. In museums, pick a spot out where everyone can meet; Italy’s best museums are often huge structures; it’s easy to get lost when you’re wandering through endless corridors. If you do get lost, stay calm and make your way to the meet-up point!