With summer just about here and the worldwide pandemic still active, it may be hard to travel as much as other summers. There are fewer flights and more restrictions when it comes to staying at hotels. Luckily for you, there is the great outdoors that constantly serves as a great way to get out and experience a new active adventure. Hiking is cardio at its finest, where you may find yourself going up and down hills very often. Some hikes are shorts and better off in the summer sun. Whether you take a road trip a few states over or travel just a few hours, hiking is a popular summer past time that you can do with family and friends as a little getaway. Here are some of the best hikes that you should consider visiting in Summer 2020.

Shenandoah National Park

Located right outside of Washington D.C. the Virginia national park is made up of 200,000 acres and 500 miles of hiking trails. The Appalachian Trail covers 101 miles of this park although it is 2,200 miles in its entirety. This park is great for hikers who enjoy high up viewpoints and waterfalls along the way. In the Summer heat, there is nothing better than a hike with a pool of water waiting for you at the end.

Great Smoky Mountains Park

The park crosses between Tennessee and North Carolina and is well-known for its assortment of plants and animal life throughout the mountains people hike. The park has miles of official and backcountry trails with views of waterfalls and old forests. The park even has a “Hike the Smokies” challenge, where hikers who have explored 100+ miles of the park with exclusive mileage receive pins. This hike would be a great one to put on your bucket list with friends!

Smith Rock State Park

This Oregon park has hikes ranging from 2 to 7 miles welcoming all beginners and experts. For hikers who enjoy the sighting of geese and ducks by the river, park offices suggest visitors arrive early in the morning. There’s even a good chance that you may spot a cougar on your adventure!

Glacier National Park

Located in Montana, this park is home to the Grinnell Glacier trail that flows to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Hudson Bay. The park is home to 71 species of mammals and a wide variety of birds and reptiles for visitors to spot along the way. This is the perfect hike for outdoor photographers to catch some animals in action!