Traveling the world is something that many people have the desire to do. Yet not everyone has someone to travel with, or even wants to travel with others. The good news is that there are some excellent destinations for solo travelers to choose from.

One of them is Vancouver, Canada. This is an especially popular travel destination for those who have a strong appreciation for nature. It is safe for solo vacationers and is the place to see some breathtaking mountains. Popular destinations within Toronto include Stanley Park, and the Granville Market. Many people visit Vancouver for a quick mountain getaway.

Another destination travelers shouldn’t be afraid to tackle alone is Malaysia. There are rainforests to explore, as well as canopy walks with beautiful views. Many of the cities in Malaysia are easy for English speaking tourists to navigate, as the locals also speak the language. These cities don’t have a party atmosphere and are often the preferred vacation destination for not only solo travelers but also those of a certain age.

Those who are craving a quiet getaway for one can find it in Napa, California. Aside from the many wineries, it is known for, there is also a buzzing culinary scene. Not only are there numerous restaurants in Napa, but many of them are also Michelin rated restaurants. There are also food tours offered all over Napa. In addition, its resort spas are the perfect place to relax alone after a long day of sampling local cuisines.

Mexico City is a destination that many solo travelers recommend to others. The locals are friendly and easy to talk to, and Mexico City has a lot to offer. Attractions include various historic sites, architectural sites, and plenty of museums. One of the more popular choices is its sprawling anthropology museum.

With lots of activities visitors can enjoy alone, Ecuador is another choice for solo travelers. Most of the popular activities take place outdoor, including mountain climbing, opportunities to view wildlife, explore a jungle, or go surfing. One highly recommended site is Quilota Lake.

Edinburgh is a popular solo vacation destination for those who have an appreciation for Scottish architecture. Festivals are held in Edinburg all year long, and locals are known for their hospitality to tourists.