The global pandemic came at full speed, causing events and travel to be stopped all around the world, it’s hard to say if it will ever be the same again. Some people travel for business, some to experience new things and very often people do so to connect with family and friends who do not live locally. As states in the U.S have begun to open little by little, many travelers have planned trips but there are also ones who are a bit hesitant. A second wave of the virus is anticipated, but when that will be is unknown. Hotel and travel services are almost fully back in business but have plenty of time they must make up for. They must also prepare for the change in their industry’s future. 

As people begin to book trips in the future, they’re more likely to book at hotels rather than an Airbnb. Many hotels have spoken on their goals to lift their standards when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Big brands that can push their message are more likely to receive more guests. Airbnbs are privately owned and located in the homes of others. It would be extremely hard for a business like that to push certain standards since it’s not one single brand. On the other hand, people might enjoy staying in a space where they interact with fewer people during their stay. 

In some airports around the world temperature scanners have been used since the beginning of the pandemic. Planes have continued to fly but at a smaller capacity of travelers and fewer fights. Emirates got together with the Dubai Health Authority and became the first airline to conduct rapid Covid-19 tests on passengers by the prick of a finger. Although some places do not require masks anymore in stores and events, many airlines insist that their work and passengers wear them during a flight. From checking in luggage, getting your boarding pass, and going through security checkpoints there will change throughout airports shortly. 

 Travel will be back before we know it but the world must be patient. This pandemic is still infecting people daily and the best thing to do is listen to your area guidelines and stay home for the time being. The places you want to visit will always be there, so don’t put your health, or someone else’s at risk.