The pandemic has been bad for just about every business – but the cruise ship sector seems to be affected more so than others. With the close quarters and buffet lines, the fearful public has held off on booking cruises this year. Earlier this year, there were situations where cruise ships were not given permission to dock out of fear that sick passengers could potentially spread the virus. These ships had to sail around until they were given the green light to dock.

Word of mouth complaints by cruise passengers in the early stages of quarantine has also lead to the downfall of the cruise ship business sector. These complaints included treatment they received when they finally were allowed to enter a quarantine facility. From practically any angle, the cruise companies dropped the ball.

But while the complaints and the industry’s response to the early stages of the pandemic has not necessarily been beneficial for them, they do have a chance to recover in the future if they take proper precautions. While everyone craves a sense of normalcy these days, we still have to keep in mind that we are in the middle of a pandemic and look out for each other. The cruise ship business should also ensure its passengers that they not only are safe but free from the possibility of contracting the virus.

Staff and passengers should follow strict precautions when they enter the boat to ensure safety for everyone. First, passengers should be asked preliminary questions about how they are feeling that day and if they have been around someone that has contracted the virus. Second, passengers should get temperature checks upon entering the ship because it could make all the difference in keeping the virus at bay. Masks should also be given to passengers, and wearing them should be a requirement when they enter public spaces.

Going on a cruise is something everyone should do at least once because it is a unique experience unlike anything else. But during these times we all should look out for each other and follow the rules that help bring an end to the pandemic. There are obviously more hazards now than there were a year ago, but there are precautions you can take in just about any situation.