When traveling for an extended period, it may be difficult to fit everything a traveler needs into a regular size suitcase. Although larger suitcases are available, they cost more and are more expensive to check into a flight. Even while driving, a larger suitcase may not fit comfortably in the backseat or trunk. Here are some tips to make the most out of limited space in a suitcase while keeping clothes clean and fresh.


Packing Clothes

To conserve space in a suitcase, roll the clothes and place them into the suitcase next to each other and then stack a second layer on top if needed. Clothes can also be turned inside out to avoid wrinkling. When packing bras, fully extend them and place each on top of each other. If the suitcase is looking too full, pack two shirts for each pair of pants so that each pair of pants can be worn a second time.


Packing Shoes

Since shoes are often dirty, it can be inconvenient to pack them with the rest of the clothes. In order to pack both clothes and shoes together, place each pair of shoes in a shower cap to avoid getting dirt on the clothes. For travelers without shower caps available, plastic wrap can only be used. Just make sure to pack the plastic wrap as well so that the shoes can be rewrapped later on.


Keeping Luggage Clean and Fresh

A common issue while traveling is that toiletries can sometimes explode or leak while in transit, causing other contents in the luggage to get dirty. To avoid this, try wrapping toiletries in plastic or keeping them in a clear bag with a zipper. Clothes can also get an odd storage smell, so throwing a few dryer sheets in there can help keep clothes smelling fresh for the duration of the trip.


Packing for a long trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune or cause inconvenience by having multiple suitcases. Strategically folding clothes, wrapping items that could leak, and using dryer sheets to maintain freshness can help travelers minimize the need for several suitcases and handbags while traveling. Clothes will also stay fresh and wrinkle-free, which will avoid having to use laundry facilities throughout the trip.