Any seasoned traveler can tell you there is much to learn by visiting other countries. However, it is necessary to know how to get around. The tourist destinations you are eager to see are more spaced out than you might believe, and if you visit without a tour guide, you might have trouble finding them.

The beautiful city of Athens is one of those destinations that can be confusing once you arrive. A sprawling, ancient city, you won’t find your destinations neatly aligned. What you’re looking for might be hours from your hotel, and you don’t want to waste time asking for directions.

Here are some key tourist spots for you to visit in Athens. Take note of how to get there so that your adventure can begin as soon as your airplane lands. Arrive prepared so that you don’t miss a moment of your dream vacation!

1- Acropolis

Acropolis is an ancient citadel built by the Greeks. If we rely on photos, we might believe that it can be explored in a short time, but Acropolis is huge. It’s a place to visit early in the morning, following a tour guide so you don’t miss out on obscure wonders. Following an experienced tour guide, you’ll be able to take it all in.

2- Kerameikos

One of the least visited tourist spots in Athens, Kerameikos is a cemetery and potter’s quarters. Just because it does not bring in large crowds doesn’t mean it is not worth seeing. It does mean that there’ll be less people in your way. Spend hours exploring the ancient gravesite and marvel at how these ancient structures have survived.

3- Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Ancient Greek architecture survives at its finest in this theater. Long after the plays vanished, it remained intact through the passing of time. You can imagine the seats full of people waiting to be entertained in this vast building.


No one wants to return from a trip abroad with regrets. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great things to see in Greece, be sure you have planned the itinerary to visit these sites.