Everyone dreams of getting away to an island for a luxurious escape. The idea of sun, fun, and relaxation appeals to many. These people often choose to visit the best islands the world has to offer.

Some islands are more exclusive than others. One of the most exclusive is Kenya’s Fregate Island. Its private beaches and seven villas make it a quiet and intimate place to getaway. The island is known for its excellent swimming and snorkeling. It is a favorite spot for many celebrities seeking peace and quiet.

The British Virgin Island’s Necker Island is also one of the more celebrity frequented islands. As Sir Richard Branson’s island, it is very exclusive and out of reach to many vacationers. The island’s maximum capacity for guests is 30 and for many, this is why it is so appealing.

Large enough to hold 80 inhabitants, the Laucala Private Island in Fiji Celebrities prefer this island because the press can’t get to them while they are there. Celebrities take up residence in the villas, from which they have a view of the island’s jungle. Coconut plantations also take up much of the space on the island.

British royalty often chooses to vacation at the Mustique Island. Its minimalistic lifestyle is extremely appealing to them. The island is so secluded that it doesn’t even have ATMs, traffic lights, street signs, or even golf courses.

Turtle Island is on the same level in terms of the privacy it offers. As one of Fiji’s most exclusive islands, it is known all over the world since The Blue Lagoon was filmed there. The island is geared towards couples and can only hold 14 at a time. Each couple is able to have an entire beach to themselves. Swimming and snorkeling are the two big activities there.

Las Alamnadas is one of Mexico’s most luxurious islands. Its maximum capacity is 35 guests and it boasts four beaches. It is an excellent spot for bird watching and also has a nature preserve where hiking is a popular activity. Those staying on the island can even go horseback riding on the beach.

St. Barth’s Island, in the Caribbean is another luxurious destination. The size of the island dictates that driving is the best way to see everything it has to offer. The vast majority of visitors to this island are A-list celebrities.