Overnight flights are a great way to be at your destination in the morning without paying for a hotel the night before. While the money savings can be huge for some travelers, these late flights are not exactly perfect. The biggest drawback of an overnight flight is the struggle to sleep in an uncomfortable environment. These are the four best tips to avoid a rough overnight flight.

Get a Window Seat

While the window seat is generally the preferred spot on an airplane, it is vitally important to land the window seat on an overnight flight. This is the ideal spot because it is the only seat where you are guaranteed never to be disturbed during the night. Sitting in the middle or aisle seat forces you to get up every time another passenger wants to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Block the Noise

While most passengers will want to sleep on an overnight flight, there is always guaranteed to be some noise on the plane. If you have trouble sleeping in a noisy environment, then you will need to find a way to block the noise. A good pair of headphones is a great way to drown out ambient noise. If you do not like to travel with headphones, then a pair of earplugs should do the trick.

Eat Before Boarding

Most long overnight flights serve food, but you never want to rely on the airline for your meals. The flight attendants have to go through all of their safety measures before thinking about taking food orders. It can easily take up to two hours before any food is served. This means that you likely would not be eating dinner until close to midnight. Eat before boarding and carry a few snacks in your bag in case you get hungry on the flight.

Follow Nighttime Routine

The most important thing you can do on an overnight flight is following the same nighttime routine you use at home. This will create a sense of normalcy for your body. Unwind after boarding by watching a movie. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and get out your favorite comfort items before falling asleep.