Few people can resist the idea of a Mediterranean vacation. It is the epitome of rest and relaxation. The good news is that many destinations within the Mediterranean are worth visiting. Here are a few top choices:

Majorca, Spain

This immaculate island destination has a spectacular nightlife scene and luxurious beaches. Its landscape is one that any visitor can appreciate. Most choose to plan their vacation to Majorca between June and October. Even high profile individuals such as George Sand, Agatha Christie, and Joan Miro have designated Majorca as their vacation spot of choice.

Manarola, Italy

The colorful city, located in the Cinque Terre chain, is the highlight of the Italian Riveria. One of its two hiking trails takes visitors between Manarola and Riomaggiore. Many vacationers have noted the breathtaking views and scenic photo opportunities the trails have.

French Riviera

Among the oldest travel destinations in the Mediterranean is the French Riviera. This is where the Cannes Film Festival takes place every year, making it an iconic destination. But most tourists choose to spend their vacation in Saint Tropez, a hotbed for artists from all over the world. The majority of tourists visit this destination during the summer months due to its sprawling beaches.

Bol, Croatia 

A commonly desired travel destination in the Mediterranean, Bol, Croatia is ocated in the center of the coast and provides vacationers with a tranquil getaway. During the day they lounge on the beaches, and after dark, they take a quick ferry ride to experience Croatia’s nightlife. After-hours activities include island parties and drinks at the local bars and clubs.

Paphos, Cyprus

This island experiences moderate heat during the summer months, making it perfect for sunbathing. Aside from the many beaches to explore, there is also a lot of history in Paphos. As a World Heritage site, it attracts visitors from all over the world. This includes the Tombs of the Kings, as well as Roman mosaics, among other pieces of history. The hottest nightspot in Paphos is the Otto Deice Music Bar. Located in Old Town, it features live music performed by local bands. The island attracts a diverse group of tourists.