People who love to travel but are unable to do so because of health, finances, or pandemic-related restrictions can still see some of the best places in the world by taking virtual tours. These types of tours allow people to get photo and video views from their computers or mobile devices that are made to seem like they are there in person. Here are some great virtual tours of some of the best places around the world.

Palace of Versailles

This former residence of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette underwent many changes following the French Revolution and is today one of France’s most iconic landmarks. People who take virtual tours of this grand palace will have the chance to see elaborate hallways, fine artworks and sparkling chandeliers. A section of the palace known as the Hall of Mirrors features over 350 luxurious mirrors and baroque paintings on its ceiling.

The Roman Colosseum

Commonly referred to as simply the ‘Colosseum,’ this ancient amphitheater in Rome has been standing for more than 1,000 years and continues to intrigue visitors from abroad. The Colosseum was used regularly for gladiator tournaments, mock sea battles and other exciting performances that often drew thousands of spectators. From its intricate hypogeum to the ancient inscriptions that are still visible, visitors can be transported back in time when they take a virtual tour.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This significant church in the walled Old City of Jerusalem in Israel is located on the grounds where many believe that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred. Christians and people of other faiths can tour the interior and exterior portions of the church virtually to see the Coptic Chapel, which is the location of the purported tomb of Jesus.

The White House

People who wish to tour a stateside attraction can see images of this presidential residence without having to leave their homes. While taking a virtual tour, visitors can check out the Diplomatic Reception Room and Map Room. The China Room contains many precious antiques that help make the White House a place of prestige. Even the White House kitchen and bowling alley can be viewed when taking a virtual tour.

These virtual tours allow people to see and learn more about some of the world’s most iconic places without having to be there in person. Touring these sites can give anyone a greater appreciation for the world.