One of the best ways to help make your winter and holiday season more enjoyable is by traveling as much as you can. Although this may be hard with the current pandemic, there are many places where you can spend most of your time outside while practicing social distancing. Many people have different ideal winter travel destinations depending on what they like. Some enjoy skiing in a very snowy and cold place where others may just want to head up to the mountains just to relax and sit by the fireplace. Then some live in colder climates and want to take a trip to a place with beaches and warmer weather. No matter what you look for in a winter vacation take a look at these destinations located in the United States.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Known for getting over 500 inches of snow just about every year, Jackson Hole is the perfect place for any travels who enjoy skiing, ice skating, tubing, and even sleigh riding. If you’re not too sure about doing any activities you can still explore the park on one of their tours in a warm snowmobile. While wandering around you may run into some wildlife that you’ve never seen before!


Key West, Florida

One of Florida’s most popular destinations, Key West, is the perfect destination to get away from cold weather and warm up in the 70s. From water sports, tourist attractions, and plenty of delicious places to eat. During the day make your way to the coral reefs and try out snorkeling. Key West is also filled with historic architecture that stretches along Duval Street. This Caribbean style destination is perfect for a winter getaway.


South Padre Island, Texas

If you’re a nature lover then the southern coast of Texas should be your next stop. South Padre Island is the perfect place to relax and bird watch from their Birding and Nature Center that is five stories tall. Their Dolphin Research & Sealife Nature Center offers boat rides where tourists can explore the island and spot sea turtles along the way.


Honolulu, Hawaii

From beaches, sunshine, palm trees, and sunsets, Hawaii is the perfect place to visit during the winter. The island is full of culture and attractions for everyone. The water is full of beautiful colorful fish that can be spotted while snorkeling or paddleboarding. Honolulu is also known for its peace and quiet on beaches which makes a perfect spot to relax in the sun.